Bukandala ES History

Our Story

Bukandala Elementary School (BES), which is situated at Barangay Bukandala II, was founded in 1935. It is the only public elementary school in the vicinity and the school in its present site which has a total land area of 5000 square meters. It was acquired April 26, 1958 with lot number 2407-A and a certificate of title number 9659.

Initially, BES existed as a primary school when still occupied a space at Bukandala IV. By 1958, the school transferred to its present site at Bukandala II and there BES became a complete elementary school. In the year 1971, a barangay high school started occupying a space inside the elementary school which lasted up to 1982. It eventually transferred to its present site, at Brgy. Bucandala 3.

From primary school which averages 20 pupils per classroom to a complete elementary school which averages 56 per class, BES currently holds the most number of pupils in Cluster II at the Division of Imus City. Current enrollment is about 3,845 pupils where 403 are kindergarten pupils and 3,442 are grade school pupils.

School Head

Ms. Andrea A. Angeles - Principal 2


Thank your choosing BES and rest assured that we are fully committed to achieve the DepEd mission and vision. It is our goal to deliver quality basic education to all the learners of Bukandala ES despite of many challenges we are facing now.

DepEd Tayo Imus